Technical specifications

AldoContent is developed on PHP language and uses MySQL as back-end.

  • It is written in 100% object oriented programming, based on classes.
  • Separation between content and presentation. The generated code is intended to modify its appearance using CSS.
  • Small footprint. The programs are small and the classes are strictly loaded for the specific task.
  • Maximum memory optimization to serve websites with a large number of hits.
  • It is possible to manage many subdomains each one of them residing in its own directory on the server using the same codebase, avoiding to have many copies of the code.
  • It is scalable using plugins. The plugins programming is easy, and just needs a little effort to create new plugins, thanks to its simple API.

Author: maxmad
Created: 2007-0330 23:28 | Last modified: 2009-0810 22:49 Logo

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