AldoContent stores images under groups called albums. The images from albums can be displayed randomly or selected by the article's author.

The icons under the logo at the top of this page change ramdomly with every page request. They are displayed using the same tag in the page template, in AldoContent are named LiveIMG, and are grouped into an album.

  • The LiveIMGs can be used in a variety of ways.
  • To display random images to enhance the site design,
  • To have a set of images related to a site section topic changing randombly  to avoid the uploading of images for each page.
  • To have an album with preloaded images related to the page content to select one of them to illustrate the articles.
  • To maintain a collection of advertising banners with links to the announcing pages.

Author: maxmad
Created: 2007-0402 19:42 | Last modified: 2009-0728 20:54 Logo

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