This is a brief of AldoContent Content Management System features:

  • Entirely coded in PHP5 syntax. AldoContent has commited with the goPHP5.org initiative to take the advantages of PHP5 that is specially useful on a plugins oriented application like this, because offers many features as interfaces and a more eficient object model. The PHP5 code can be downloaded through svn from SourceForge.net/projects/aldocontent.
  • It uses templates for the web page layout. It is possible to have many templates with different designs and use them to  identify different parts of the website, as you can see in the web pages on this site.
      The content generated dynamically is placed in the page using labels which are recognized by the system and replaced with text, images or user tools.
  • The system is designed to publish multilingual websites. The interface uses gettext the GNU Native Language Support API for its localization, is the same used by Linux operating system to internationalize the applications. Also uses a PHP emulation layer from Danilo Segan in those cases where the server has not gettext or locales configured.
       The system makes possible the content internationalization giving the authors the tools for editing pages in different languages and storing it.
  • With LiveIMG manages sets of images which are positioned in the templates using a special tag. The system uses a kind of albums with collections of images that can be displayed randomly or statically allowing authors to select the adequate one for the content.
  • Uses FCKeditor (Frederico Caldeira Knabben) to offer a wysiwyg editor. We develop our own FCKeditor plugin intended to create hyperlinks to the content created with AldoContent.
  • It has its own search mechanism.
  • It is equiped with a file manager to upload and manage the files stored in the server.
  • It has the capability to create premium content for registered members.
  • Authors can decide if the content will be published or unpublished in order to hide it from public while it is approved. This feature can also be used to maintain the pages out of the visitors visible menu, this is useful to store forms or content with its own hyperlinks to get it.
  • The content is organized in three levels: a first level consisting of sections grouping a second level with the navigation menus from which the user comes to the content. And a third level based on articles which can be a large text separated in small pages or chapters.
  • Friendly URLs cappable for Search Engines Optimization (running on Apache HTTPD).

Author: maxmad
Created: 2007-0330 17:51 | Last modified: 2009-0728 20:54

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