Development platform

AldoContent is developed entirelly on the Linux platform running on our test/developing server and workstation.

For the development we use the following Open Source software:

Ubuntu Operating System
Bluefish HTML Editor
gPHPEdit PHP Editor
vi (vim) Text Editor
Inkscape Vectorial drawing
TheGimp Image retouching
poEdit Editor for gettext .po catalogs
Umbrello UML diagraming
Firefox Web Browser with the following plugins:
  • Web Developer toolbar
  • Firebug
  Hand coded

Internet Explorer 6.0, for tests. Is not free, but is required to test pages with it, because its CSS support have a lot of bugs.

Author: maxmad
Created: 2007-0401 02:18 | Last modified: 2009-0728 20:54 Logo

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