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AldoContent is developed by Miguel Angel Da Vila in Mexico City and it's product of its author experiences developing similar systems and installing, configuring and adapting CMS for many websites.

This software is the answer to the author concerns about having a Content management System really usable for the user, bringing liberty for the Web Design, allowing designers to use their favorite tools to create the page layouts and avoiding authors from being bogged down with the HTML matter.

Miguel Angel Da Vila

With more than twenty years of experience in Graphic Design and the Publishing industry, since the late 80's he has developed projects to install computer based solutions for publishing companies. Also he has created Websites and developed applications to take advantage of Intenet technology. Currently he offers his services on Web design, website installation and developing for Web enabled applications in México through his website: argotvisual.net

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Created: 2007-0330 19:35 | Last modified: 2009-0810 23:04

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